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Eurodexx | Extremely Cost Effective Solutions For Your Business Specific Requirements .

Benefit from low cost lines and calls to help maximise your business’s profits.

Eurodexx provides business line rentals from as little as £5 per month and offers a price match guarantee. 

Our prices may be low, but our service and support levels are high, and without a call centre in sight! We appreciate that your business’s lines are a crucial service and believe service levels and quality should be first-class.

So, why place your business lines with Eurodexx?

  • Receive free calls between all your Eurodexx lines and business mobiles
  • Simple, transparent billing via our online system
  • Free regular account reviews to ensure your package remains cost effective
  • Ability to change your billing plan mid-contract without resigning
  • Responsive and friendly UK technical support team, that will keep you informed and deal with line faults swiftly
  • No call centres, no queuing and no need to call back!

How much money could you save?

We offer a free, no obligation bill review service. Simply upload your latest bill using the form below and we will review it to confirm how much you could save by moving to Eurodexx. 

We will then email a full breakdown of what you pay now and the best prices available to you depending on your services and usage.


“We are now saving 15+% on calls and 15+% on services with no annoying little extra charges” 


  • Only Tier 1 carriers with business-class call quality
  • Save money without changing numbers or lines
  • Free intra-company calls
  • Transfer services without new hardware
  • One simple bill each month
  • Tools to help you analyse billing data
  • Call-barring options
  • Fault resolution options available – 4 or 24hrs
  • One contact for all your telecoms needs

Eurodexx | Extremely Cost Effective Solutions For Your Business Specific Requirements .

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